As industry leaders, we specialise in endorsing and distributing Atmospheric Water Generators (AWGs) that require nothing more than electricity to function. With the U.S. Geological Survey estimating that the Earth holds approximately 3,100 cubic miles of water in the air, primarily as water vapor, our mission is to provide innovative solutions. Through our state-of-the-art AWG technology, we enable you to harness this atmospheric moisture, producing your own natural, pure drinking water. Our cutting-edge technology extracts water from the air through de-humidification, followed by a multi-stage reverse osmosis filtration system to deliver the purest, cleanest water available on the planet.

Our approach ensures that you can enjoy high-quality drinking water, completely independent of centralised water supply systems such as bottling plants or municipal sources. We offer a range of devices, from home/office machines capable of producing 15 to 80L’s of drinking water per day, regardless of the season, to larger industrial machines that can generate up to 10,000L’s per day, contingent on local humidity levels. Simply put, the higher the humidity, the greater the water production. Our appliances have undergone rigorous testing worldwide, consistently proving their effectiveness and cost-efficiency when compared to other water sources.

Why Choose PlanetsWater & PlanetsPower Corporation?

Our commitment to delivering high-quality, low-priced goods at wholesale prices ensures significant profits for distributors worldwide. To promote product awareness and reduce our environmental impact, we’ve introduced exclusive territories, facilitating increased sales and a reduced carbon footprint.

The Extraordinary Opportunity

At PlanetsWater & PlanetsPower Corporation, we believe in offering exclusive ‘master’ distributorship licenses, granting the sole representation of our products within your chosen region, state, or country (subject to availability). As an exclusive agent, you’ll not only enjoy unbeatable AWG & PMG prices with global shipping included but also the opportunity to sell additional distributorships to third parties in your area. Moreover, you’ll benefit from ongoing marketing support and leads generated directly from us.The cost of acquiring our ‘exclusive master’ distributor license varies based on geographic size, demographic criteria, economic status, population, marketplace potential, and location. This isn’t just a license; it’s your gateway to a lifetime of opportunities.

Our Lifetime Commitment

PlanetsWater & PlanetsPower Corporation offers a life-changing, lifetime license that empowers you to make a real difference. Our duty to the ‘Human Race’ drives us to succeed. We provide an unmatched ‘5-year warranty’ on all our products, both domestic and commercial appliances, setting us apart from competitors who typically offer only a ‘one-year’ warranty.

Join Our Global Mission

As we strive to combat the world’s increasing water crisis without depleting underground water sources like aquifers, we invite you to join us in creating awareness about this revolutionary product. By supporting humanitarian causes and charitable organisations, we aim to aid the 1 billion people affected by water scarcity, nearly 20% of the global population.

A Different Approach to Excellence

While numerous credible corporations operate in the atmospheric water generator industry, we acknowledge that some misleadingly claim worldwide patents or trademarks for AWG products. Our approach is different—we aim to encourage collaboration and promote cost-effective access to our technology, focusing on creating awareness while making a positive impact.

The Time to Act is Now

As the clock ticks and our precious ‘Water’ becomes scarcer, we invite you to take action. Whether you represent a business or an individual, we welcome you to be part of the solution. Together, we can reveal the secret to quenching the world’s thirst, making a profit, and helping others in need.

Water: A Source of LIFE!

Join us in our mission and order your AWG and PMG unit(s) today. This is a unique opportunity to achieve success while positively impacting the lives of countless individuals worldwide. As every human being on this planet requires both water and power, there’s no better time to get involved and help make a dramatic difference for the better of humanity and our precious planet!!

  • Water – A Source of LIFE!

  • Power to the People!

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