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Atmospheric Water Generators

How It All Works

Our technology extracts ‘water from air’ and converts it to pure and fresh drinking water. Atmospheric Water Generators are essential for everyone wanting pure and clean drinking water in these times, without the threat of municipal contaminates, or transporting and storing expensive bottled water. Therefore eliminating plastic water bottle waste and the need for delivery of water bottles/containers, thus reducing the ‘carbon footprint’. No water source on this planet is as pure or abundant as water from our own air. Atmospheric water generators simply and reliably deliver safe drinking water from the air we breathe.

How It All Makes Sense

  • Saves Production Costs due to its simple design, substantially smaller size
    and low pressure operation, allowing lower prices and higher margins.
  • Saves Fossil Fuels and Protects the Environment as Plastic bottles used in
    bottled water production require massive amounts of fossil fuels to manufacture
    and transport. Billions of these bottles wind up in landfills every year.
  • Maintains Water Quality at a given micron level, whereas water filters become increasingly less effective until they are cleaned.
  • Saves Water by wasting 85% less water than DE or sand filters, and 66% less than cartridge filters.
  • Saves Electricity by operating at 2-10 lbs/in2 compared with the 40-80lbs/in2
    needed to force water through the other filters.

  • Saves Time by eliminating the task of manual cleaning other filters;
    Reduces Financial Risk by eliminating the uncertainty.
  • Reduces Health Risk as it generates pure drinking water.
  • Saves Installation Costs because it comes with a protective housing;
    Our Home/Office AWG units save space due to their compact size.

Great Tasting Healthy Water

The Healthy Benefits of Light Alkaline Water

PlanetsWater AWG machines will produce light alkaline water with a pH 7.2 – 7.5 level, and by doing so provide many benefits to the body. The water our machines produce will restore pH balance by eliminating acidity levels in the body. It is super- hydrating because it produces micro-molecule clusters allowing the water to enter the cells more easily. The water is oxygen rich allowing increases in the amount of dissolved oxygen in the blood. Improve the body’s ability to absorb the most important nutrients and flush out acidic waste and toxins. All in all a much healthier solution to drinking water than tap or bottled water.

The healthy pure drinking water that our atmospheric water generators create are high in negative ions allowing for an improved mindset, advanced alertness, increased power and energy and much better mental state. It can also provide weight control. Create great tasting healthy water in your home/office now. Eliminate plastic water bottles.

Light alkaline water super-hydrates the body and helps to dissolve toxins

Water is composed of multiple water molecules or clusters. Water that has 13-15 water molecules or more, are called macro-molecule. The water we drink daily, including tap water, purified water, mineral water and distilled water, all have 13 water molecules or more.

The water molecules are 2.6nm in diameter which will not pass through the hydrophilic channel to enter cells. Which means the body is not maximizing the intake of macro-molecule water. With water just sitting stagnant or stored the diameter will increase to 6nm.

Our water is micro-molecule composed of 5-7 small molecules with hexagonal shape and light alkaline water allowing the cells in the body to absorb the water.

What is Alkaline Water, what does pH mean?

The pH, abbreviation of Hydrogen Potential is a coefficient which allows to know if a solution is acidic or basic (alkaline) or neutral. For a pH below 7, the solution is said to be acidic; neutral if it is equal to 7; and basic or alkaline if it is greater than 7.

As a reminder, the pH of human blood is between 7.35 – 7.4, therefore slightly alkaline. To maintain this level, the human body uses bicarbonates and minerals present and active in your bones, cartilage, hair or teeth. PlanetsWater AWG machines will produce light alkaline water with a pH 7.2 – 7.5 level. Perfect!

As part of significant acidity, your body systematically suffers from demineralisation. To meet your body’s mineral needs, consider drinking 1.5 or 2 litres per day of alkaline water. This must obviously be accompanied by a healthy lifestyle, that is to say, a healthy diet, rich in vegetables and fruits…

World’s Thirst – We are the 1st organisation on the planet to combine both AWGs with PMGs and have made a commitment to provide essential water and power to those in dire need globally…. Please DONATE now. Let’s help make a difference and solve the problem.

When choosing where to direct your donations, consider supporting atmospheric water generators (AWGs) over traditional well drilling. While both approaches aim to provide access to clean water, AWGs offer a more sustainable and eco-friendly solution. By donating to a water cause focused on AWGs, you ensure that communities can access pure and fresh drinking water without depleting groundwater resources or relying on expensive drilling operations. AWGs harness the power of nature to extract water from the air, reducing the environmental impact and long-term costs associated with well drilling. Your contribution to such a cause ensures a brighter and more sustainable future for those in need while preserving the planet’s precious water resources.

AWG Home/Office

Our Home/Office AWG units range from 15, 25, 30, 60 up to 80 ltrs per day. They require very little maintenance and are virtually a ‘plug and operate’ system that requires inexpensive filter changes every few months dependent on usage and climatic condition. Essentially the machines are a humidity and temperature driven device. The higher the humidity the higher amount of pure water generated. The minimum humidity should be 30% but ideally any percent above 50% will be most suitable in order to produce optimum water levels. Please contact us for humidity guidelines.

  • Plug & Play

  • Low Maintenance


Commercial & Industrial

Atmospheric Water Generators – can provide you with the solution to your water needs and in doing so will help reduce your ‘carbon footprint’ and achieve both an ecological & economical answer to the ever increasing water crisis; Our Industrial/Commercial machines are available in two model variations, our robust PlanetsWater ‘Big Blue’ units range from 100, 250, 500, 1500, 3000 and 5000 ltrs.  The second model range of AWG machines are our newly introduced  NEW GENERATION LOWER ENERGY CONSUMPTION units range from 100, 250, 500, 1000, 2000, 4000, 5500, 8000 and 10000 ltrs. Our 10000 ltr unit, being our largest ever device. We distribute our AWG models worldwide, our pricing INCLUDES worldwide shipping CIF. Our range of products offer the very latest technology being ‘state-of-the-art’ Atmospheric Water Generators that produce the most cost effective, purest, most natural drinking water available on the planet directly from humidity in the air we breathe, untouched by any ground source.

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